May 1938 Company founded.
Production of aluminum fluoride begins at Amagasaki Plant.
1942 Sakai Plant constructed to produce aluminum fluoride.
1945 Amagasaki Plant begins selenium production.
1953 Osaka Plant constructed.
1958 Vanadium Pentoxide production begins, for the first time in Japan.
1970 Shinko Chemical pioneers production in Japan of a catalyst (VOCI3 ) for EP rubber.
1973 Sakai Coastal Plant constructed. Capacity for vanadium processing greatly expanded.
1981 Amagasaki Plant moves to Ohamacho, Amagasaki City. Upgraded plant enables large-scale production of high-purity selenium compounds.
1991 EP rubber catalyst (VOCI3) production revised and upgraded at Sakai Coastal Plant.
1997 Amagasaki Plant begins producing indium.
Sakai Coastal Plant begins manufacturing a broad range of chlorides.
1998 ISO9002 registration.(Headquarters & Sakai Coastal Plant)
2003 ISO9001 registration.(Headquarters & Sakai Coastal Plant)
2006 ISO14001 registration.(Company-wide)
2007 ISO9001 registration. (Fine Chemical Division 2 & Amagasaki Plant)
2008 Headquarters move to Osaka City.
2011 Integrated high-purity selenium processing system allows large-scale in Amagasaki plant
2012 Upgraded plant capacity of tellurium in Amagasaki plant
2013 Two times upgraded capacity of VOCl3 production in Sakai Coastal plant
2016 Sakai Coastal Plant constructed. Capacity for Vanadium Acetylacetonate(V(AcAc) 3
processing expanded.


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