Privacy Policy

Shinko Chemical Co., Ltd. adheres to a strict code of conduct and to a corporate philosophy of working for the benefit customers and society.

We believe it is very important to secure and protect all personal information pertaining to all business interactions. Please find our privacy policy below.

  1. In-House System
    We adhere to a strict in-house system that has been instituted to protect and manage all personal information.
  2. Collecting Personal Information
    All personal information is collected for a particular purpose and is not used beyond that purpose.
  3. Collection and Management of Personal Information
    All personal information is collected and managed according to Japan’s national guidelines.
  4. Managing Personal Information
    All personal information is carefully and accurately registered to ensure safety. Our process and guidelines prevent illegal access, leakage, loss, destruction and falsification of all personal information. Our process also includes corrective measures.
  5. Continual Protection of Personal Information
    We are constantly updating and improving our system to assure that all personal information remains safe and secure.

Shinko Chemical Co., Ltd
President: Eishi Izutani
Established: April 1st 2011


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