Amagasaki Plant

Production systems for everything from extraction to high-purity refinement

Originally located in Amagasaki Tsugiya where our company was founded, the Amagasaki Plant moved to the coastal industrial zone of Amagasaki City in 1981. Starting out by deriving selenium from sulphuric acid sludge, then from scrap from photocopier manufacturers, today we also obtain selenium from copper smelters. With comprehensive technologies in place from purification to manufacture, we are now Japan’s No. 1 producer of high-purity selenium and selenium compounds.

Innovative technologies have allowed us to turn the problem of arsenic and other hazardous metal by-products of extracting selenium and tellurium into a plus. Advanced wastewater treatment systems prevent release into the environment, and processing turns them into nonhazardous materials.

and we are continuing to extend our technologies and processes to cover the full range of rare metals that can be recycled.

Quality Control

Our strict quality control systems have been refined over many years of handling toxic materials like selenium. At the Amagasaki Plant, we are committed to satisfying the strictest standards of quality control and service, from material delivery through to product shipment.



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