Recycling of Rare Metals

We recover rare metals from scrap!

For many years, Shinko Chemical Co., Ltd. has been constructing and promoting a business model that utilizes our unique technology to recover rare metals for recycling into high-purity products.

We were the first in Japan to operate an industrial production facility for recycling vanadium.
Today, we also offer services for recovering selenium and valuable rare metals such as tellurium, indium and gallium from scrap. These materials are vital for key electronic components such as selenium photoreceptors for X-ray detectors, solar cells, rectifiers, and ITO targets.

In order to expand our rare metals recycling business, we are actively engaged in the following activities.

  1. Valuation and purchase of scrap materials containing rare metals
  2. Contract recovery of rare metals from scrap
  3. Sale of high-purity products made from recovered rare metals

  • [Vanadium Concentrate]

  • [Vanadium Spent Catalyst]

  • [Selenium Scrap]


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