Recycling Systems

Shinko Chemical specializes in unique recycling systems offering optimal practicality, utility and quality.

Common industrial waste is a potentially rich source of rare natural resources.

As a rule, companies are legally responsible for disposing of their industrial waste. The composition of the waste must first be determined, however, in order to implement appropriate disposal measures. Shinko Chemical has the necessary technology to thoroughly analyze industrial waste to determine if any recyclable substances are present. Our unique expertise then allows us to develop programs that can make practical use of such potentially valuable components.

Until recovery and recycling processes were developed, Japan’s petrochemical, electrical and electronic industries had primarily depended on foreign suppliers for vital resources such as vanadium and other rare metals. We were the first Japanese company to extract vanadium from the ash produced by thermal power plant boilers, an achievement that would make it possible to recycle other rare metals. Spurred on by rising demand for greater environmental protection, we committed ourselves to improving and upgrading our processes for more effective and practical resource conservation.

The benefits of recycling

It is now possible to minimize the environmental effects of industrial waste and, in the process, virtually eliminate the risk of polluting or damaging the environment. The proprietary processes developed by Shinko Chemical not only greatly reduce the adverse effects of industrial waste, they also help conserve precious natural resources.

Expanding our business based on ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Growing environmental awareness has led to an increased focus on recycling processes. In response, Shinko Chemical has pursued full-scale material recycling activities, earning ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in 2003 and 2006, respectively, for its recovery and manufacturing systems that enable stable recycling of selenium, vanadium extracted from oil residue, and rare metals such as tellurium and indium.

Today, with companies around the globe seeking certification under these ISO standards, we are committed to helping you reduce your impact on the environment.


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