Sakai Coastal Plant

We meet a diverse range of needs with an equally diverse range of proprietary technologies.

Located in the Sakai City Coastal Industrial Park, with a distant view of the Rokko Mountains and, on clear days, the Pearl Bridge over the Akashi Strait, the Sakai Coastal Plant is principally devoted to processing vanadium compounds and treating/recycling fuel residue, utility ash and other industrial waste resulting from thermal power generation, etc.

“Firing” fuel residue containing miniscule quantities of vanadium results in an ash that, along with slag that accumulates at the bottom of boilers, yields high concentrations of vanadium. Further purification makes it possible to manufacture a wide variety of high-purity vanadium compounds. In addition to vanadium, the nickel present in such waste residues is marketed as ferronickel aterial.

The Sakai Coastal Plant also produces chloride catalysts used in synthetic rubber manufacture, including vanadium oxytrichloride and vanadium tetrachloride. Technological innovations have made it possible for us to supply rare metal chlorides, alkoxides, and other high-purity, high-functional raw materials that customers demand.

Quality Control

For manufacturers, quality control is a virtual lifeline. That’s why Shinko Chemical is committed to full compliance with all ISO standards. It’s also why we insist on employing state-of-the-art instruments and equipment for analyzing our processes and maximizing the quality of our products.



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